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Diamond: What Lies Within an Unbreakable Gem

Since the discovery of diamonds, it has been regarded as the most substantial stone ever to exist. They were formed naturally in the earth’s mantle under extreme temperature and pressure. The carbon atoms bond together under the harsh environment, creating a diamond. This is why this gem is considered the strongest and unbreakable one. Despite the dreadful transformation process, the gr shines gorgeously, and anyone can be mesmerized by its beauty.

Who wouldn’t want to possess such a precious stone?

Here are five fun facts about diamonds:

  1. The diamond is over a billion years old. The earliest diamonds are thought to have formed around 3.3 billion years ago.

  2. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth. In fact, diamonds are so hard that only one thing can scratch; it is another diamond.

  3. Diamonds are made of one element: carbon.

  4. Diamonds come in every color. However, they are not totally colorless!

  5. Scientists have discovered a planet they believe is composed mainly of carbon and one-third pure diamond. Even more impressive is that scientists found a star that is essentially a diamond of ten billion trillion carats.

Moreover, when we imagine a diamond, the first thing that comes to our mind is its colorless yet shiny appearance, just as I mentioned earlier. But did you know that diamonds vary in color? The most expensive diamond in the whole wide world is the red diamond which costs 1 million dollars per carat! The primary reason is because of its rarity. Data says that only 20 to 30 natural diamonds exist in the entire world. Another rare and next to the most expensive color is the blue diamond which can only be found in South Africa, India, and Australia.

At some point in our time, diamonds are believed to be an antidote to poison to protect against the plague. An anonymous poet maintained that the April birthstone drove away from the “evil eye” that caused sickness, poverty, and death. Some claim it is a boon for longevity, strength, beauty, and happiness. In addition, diamonds have been worn by leaders and influential figures to symbolize strength and invincibility.

Official Portrait of First Lady Hillary Clinton wearing the Henry Dunay-designed Kahn Canary Diamond Ring for the 1997 Inaugural Ball. It is said to be one of the most famous yellow diamonds in history.
(Photos by Getty Images and

Lady Gaga attends the 2019 Oscars in a Black Gown wearing the legendary Tiffany Diamond, one of the most recognizable yellow diamonds in the world. The 128.54-carat stone was first acquired by Charles Lewis Ti­ffany in 1878, a year after it was discovered in South Africa. (Photo by Carlton Davis/Tiffany & Co and Toni Anne Barson/Getty Images)

2022 Oscars Red Carpet: Shining like a Diamond

Ariana DeBose wearing a dazzling array of diamonds at the 2022 Academy Awards. Her pieces were 41.29 carats and 4.21 carats, respectively, and had the term "drops of light"

Zendaya is wearing a Bulgari Serpenti high jewelry necklace with more than 13 carats of step-cut diamonds, and matching Serpenti Viper diamond bracelets that wrap around her wrist. Diamond studs and multiple high jewelry rings rounded off her Bulgari ensemble.

(Photos by Getty Images)

Aside from the facts of its elegance and staggering price, the stories behind this stone fascinated my heart immensely! Diamonds do not only symbolize strength, and it has been associated with faithfulness, love, and purity. So it's no surprise that the diamond is the most commonly used gemstone in engagement and wedding rings!

A Brief History of Diamonds as Engagement Rings

When a man's marriage proposal is accepted, he presents an engagement ring to his future wife. Anthropologists generally agree that this practice evolved from Roman traditions in which women wore rings attached to small keys indicating their husbands' ownership.

Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary Burgundy in 1477, and the first diamond engagement ring was created. This exchange started a tradition that spread throughout elite societies. On the other hand, engagement rings did not become popular among the general public until the mid-1900s.

De Beers, a British-owned diamond company, launched a new advertising campaign in 1947. This campaign, which featured the slogan "A diamond is forever," contributed to the rise in the popularity of diamond engagement rings. Within three years of the campaign's launch, diamond engagement ring sales had climbed by 50% and continued to rise exponentially. In 1939, diamonds only utilized around 10% of engagement rings, but today the number is closed to 90%, according to the American Gem Society.

Do you ever wonder why diamond engagement rings remained popular? Maybe gained popularity as a result of a marketing campaign, but diamonds have remained a popular choice for engagements for a variety of reasons.

Here are some reasons why diamonds are ideal for use in engagement rings:

  • Diamonds are the hardest natural material.

  • Nothing beats the radiance of a diamond.

  • Diamonds are transparent, so they go with everything.

  • Diamonds have an unrivaled "allure."

  • Diamonds have a long and distinguished history.

  • Diamonds are universally admired and valued.

So, who would have thought that such a solid precious gemstone symbolizes pureness and the softest form of emotion - the affirmation of love. No wonder why diamonds are considered a near-universal symbol of love and marriage. These beautiful and surprising stories made a diamond more than just a gemstone. It is not only delightful by its physical appearance and price value, but the stories and symbolization are more profound than what I’ve expected!

To further your knowledge of diamonds, we've produced two excellent blogs that cover the history of diamonds and our buying guide, which we took the effort to explain what we mean.

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