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Engagement Ring Styles with Jenny Fu

In August Jenifer Thai of IO Collective was interviewed by Jenny Fu of Jenny Fu Studio. During the month of August, Jenny's blog focused on everything engagement - so naturally, she had to do an engagement ring piece! Jenny asked such great questions, and JT gave such fantastic insight, that we just had to share it here too! Fun Fact: Jenny Fu shot JT's wedding in Bali! Check it out here. All of the images below were taken by Jenny Fu Studio.

JF: Which stones are great for engagement rings, and why?

JT: Of course, diamonds are an excellent stone because of their hardness. This is why they've become so popular for an engagement ring - they last a long time without any chipping or cracking. I also love to recommend sapphires because of their unique colors. Emeralds and tourmalines are both beautifully understated stones as well. These stones are a great alternative to diamonds. If you're dead set on a diamond though, consider looking into 'rustic diamonds.' Rustic diamonds are diamonds characterized by their number of inclusions. Inclusions are small "imperfections" inside the diamond caused by extreme heat and pressure while they are formed deep within the earth.

JF: What will never go out of style?

JT: The most timeless and classic ring is the 18kt white gold solitaire setting with a diamond center.

JF: What makes an excellent engagement ring?

JT: In all honesty, a diamond and gold band are great for longevity. But at the end of the day, your engagement ring should be as unique as you are!

JF: What stones are most popular right now? Why do you think they have become popular?

JT: Moissanite is on the rise as a unique engagement ring diamond replacement. While Moissanite isn't a type of diamond, it's also not a diamond imposter (like cubic zirconia). Moissanite is its own unique gemstone. Like the diamond, it's also scarce. However, in recent years, the Moissanite has taken center stage in jewelry as a substitute to the diamond because of its lower price point.

JF: What kinds of metals work best for engagement rings?

JT: Gold and platinum are ideal for engagement rings. Gold is excellent for any jewelry because it does not react with atmospheric moisture, meaning it does not rust.

Platinum is a naturally white precious metal. Its strength and resistance to tarnishing make it the ideal setting for diamonds and other gemstones!

JF: What kinds of settings are most popular for engagement rings?

JT: Four and six-prong solitaire engagement rings are the most popular, hands down. But even within these styles, there are so many options. Prongs are a small metal claw that holds the center diamond in place on the ring. Prongs vary—from rounded or flat to V-shaped—but the sole purpose is to keep the most crucial piece of your ring in place. The number of prongs you pick can influence how your diamond engagement ring looks to the eye. A four-prong setting makes your diamond the center of attention. Plus, it allows for less metal on your ring. When it comes to four-prong versus six-prong, it all comes down to personal preference!

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