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Launching An Engagement Collection

Engagement rings are considered to be one of the most coveted pieces of jewelry there is. When you think about it, most people don't wear the same piece of jewelry every day other than their ring! It is believed that in the US alone, engagement rings make up 29% of all jewelry sales every year. That being said, there are many different styles of engagement rings these days, so I'm not just talking about diamonds. To be honest, I had been planning a bridal collection for ages. But, IO Collective evolved quicker than I expected. I started to notice that 80 percent of my business was devoted to developing custom engagement rings. Over the past few years, it became clear that engagement rings were the next move I needed to make. I finally decided to launch the separate collection on May 3, 2021, my birthday!

My engagement collection currently consists of 5 ring styles, with variations in stone shape. Each of these rings has titled with a feminine name, to reflect brides and their unique style. Let's go through them together.

The Liv

Our Liv engagement ring is a simple yet striking solitaire ring. Liv exudes sophistication and is perfect for brides who love that classic romance vibe. This piece comes in a round cut with a white diamond center, set in our signature 6-prong basket with a beautiful and classic band.

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The Leigh

Our Leigh Engagement Ring is a twist on our classic Liv ring. I like to think of Leigh as the spicier older sister to Liv, with a little glitz thanks to the extra diamonds. This piece comes in a round cut with a white diamond center, set in our signature 6-prong basket with a 3/4 diamond band and hidden diamonds.

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The Reed

Our Reed Engagement Ring is a classic, sleek solitaire ring. I wanted to create something simple, yet breathtaking, which is why I decided to offer the Reed in either an emerald, oval, or round cut. Complete with a white diamond center, set in our signature 4-prong basket with a classic band, this engagement ring is sure to stop your bride-to-be in her tracks.

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The Raye

The Raye Engagement Ring is an IO favorite, and I'm sure you can see why! Raye sparkles like no other and is the larger of the engagement rings. This piece features an emerald-cut white diamond center set in our signature 4-prong basket with a diamond band.

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The Ellie

Last, but certainly not least is our Ellie engagement ring with a statement cushion halo ring. Ellie is the biggest and most endowed of the 5, which in turn makes her the sparkliest. This piece comes in a round brilliant cut with a cushion halo, set with a 3/4 diamond band.

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Each of these pieces is made to order up to 2 carats within 4-6 weeks. They are available in 14kt rose, white, or yellow gold. Requested modifications, 18kt, platinum, or higher carats are subject to revised production timelines and pricing. Please contact us for more information.

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