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Sapphire: Gemstone of Wealth and Loyalty

September marks the start of the lovely and enchanting autumnal season. The sapphire, which stands for loyalty, love, and high society, is the birthstone for September and is the most popular. It is a common gemstone for engagement rings, especially in the royal family.

Although blue sapphires are the most frequently spoken when discussing sapphires, they can come in various stunning colors. According to many, yellow sapphires are the recognized sapphire birthstone for September. To us, it doesn't matter what color you choose as long as it is a birthstone for September.

History and Symbolism of Sapphire

September is a popular month for weddings due to the pleasant weather and picturesque surroundings as the leaves change color for the fall. Fall is a time for transformation, rebirth, reimagination, and letting go of the past to make room for the future.

The Latin word "sapphirus," which signifies blue, is where the term "sapphire" originates. Its roots are found in both the Middle East and Ancient Greek.

Ancient Greeks wore sapphires to honor Apollo, the Greek God representing and guarding archery, music, dance, truth, prophecy, healing, illness, the sun, light, and poetry. They frequently brought sapphires to the temples of Apollo and wore them there to make prayers for the sick's recovery.

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Additionally, sapphires are said to be able to shield their wearers from snakes and other harmful spirits. Some people even believed that sapphires have magical properties that could destroy snakes and spiders.

In the Middle Ages, priests and other clergy members believed that wearing blue sapphires to represent the heavens would aid them in withstanding temptation and sin. In addition, many people at the time believed that wearing sapphires would shield royal aristocracy, kings, and queens from battle and plague.

Where Can You Find Sapphires?

Though not always, sapphires are frequently created in labs. Sapphires are found in nature worldwide, although they are most common in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, India, the United States, and Myanmar.

The sapphires from Sri Lanka are the most sought-after worldwide due to their deep, brilliant blue colors. Therefore, Sri Lankan sapphires are among the most valuable ones.

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Exciting Facts About Sapphires:

  1. Sapphires stand for sophistication, honesty, loyalty, pure spirits, the goodness of temper, wisdom, and sincere integrity.

  2. The largest sapphire gemstone discovered to date is a famous stone known as the "Star of India." The Natural History Museum in New York is where it is kept.

  3. Princess Diana received a beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring from Prince Charles of Wales.

  4. Rubies and sapphires are closely followed by diamonds in hardness, making them more resistant to wear and tear.

  5. It was believed in the Middle Ages that adulterers could not wear blue sapphires because the stone would turn another color if they did.

  6. In 2010, Prince William asked Kate Middleton to marry him with a 12-carat sapphire engagement ring.

Apart from being a beautiful birthstone, sapphires hold a special place in my heart. My engagement ring is a custom-made, 2ct pear bicolor color shift Montana sapphire mined in Montana. I got it custom cut to the shape that would hold the best beauty with the help of my mentor Melinda Alexander who apprenticed me in goldsmithing when I was first learning my craft. It was significant to us to have our custom engagement ring made by a person I admire.

My husband and I designed it together. We love sapphires! They're beautiful, a gemstone that has been utilized for positive energy in many cultures, and we wanted our union to be a foundation of positive energy in all areas.

When you're in love, sometimes the best way to tell your partner how much they mean to you is with a gift. But if you're giving a piece of jewelry, why not make it a custom engagement ring, right?

If you're thinking about getting engaged soon and are looking for something special to add to your ring, consider choosing a sapphire as your birthstone! For custom inquiries, please contact us.


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