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We believe in the handcrafted.

We believe in the whimsical.

We believe that each piece of jewelry should tell a story.

IO Collective is a delicately handcrafted collection of fine jewelry designed by California-native, Jenifer Thai. Since its inception, Jenifer’s playful designs have only continued to evolve as her craftsmanship skills advance and flourish. 

Our blog is a space where we will be sharing our latest design, new collections, announcing upcoming sales, and sharing a few of our celebrity crushes wearing our jewelry along the way.

Let me start by introducing myself.

Hi! I’m Jenifer Thai.

I am the owner and artist at IO Collective. My company is passionate about using ethically-sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones and refined metals when it comes to handcrafting whimsical and uniquely-designed fine jewelry. 

Each piece I design is designed to tell a story. Be it for an engagement, an anniversary, a redesign of a family heirloom, or something else equally important. I hope that every piece of handcrafted jewelry that I create shows both the passion and creativity that I put into it.

When I’m not designing jewelry, playing with my three pups, Mayhem, Lucky, and Toby, or hanging in Southern California with my husband, June, I am volunteering my time for nonprofits and charitable organizations that help improve child poverty and hunger in places like Vietnam and Cambodia and protect women’s rights. You can read more about that here.

My life-long love of fine jewelry, born from watching my dad buy and sell it in Vietnam when I was a little girl, became a full-blown obsession a few years ago working in New York City’s finance industry of all things. I have left behind the finance life to venture into goldsmithing, returning to my home state of California, and with that, IO Collective was born.

I am now a certified Goldsmith about to graduate with a Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America. I now spend my days immersed in metals and stones, creating beautiful, meaningful, timeless pieces that I hope will be worn for decades and passed down by generations. I love knowing that my designs are associated with some of the greatest moments and memories in a person’s life.

This is my Graphics & Production Manager, Jenny Huynh.

Jenny lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her 4-year-old son, Elijah. She originally studied Architecture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, and then worked as a structural designer in Portland, Maine, for about two years before she decided it just wasn’t for her. 

She switched into a creative role as a Graphic Designer and Production Manager at IO Collective, and it’s the best decision I ever made. 

I love LA and having a creative job that always changes and keeps her on her toes! She's also hugely passionate about painting and art, which provides inspiration for graphic design. This is a big part of the reason I love working with Jenifer because each piece of her jewelry is a work of art!

Thank you for joining us on our journey and for allowing my jewelry to be part of the story of your life. I'm excited and humbled to have you along!

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