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IO Collective is a delicately handcrafted collection of fine jewelry designed by California-native, Jenifer Thai. Since its inception, Jenifer’s whimsical designs have only continued to evolve as her craftsmanship skills advance and flourish. Using precious and semiprecious gemstones and metals, each piece is thoughtfully designed to tell a story - often one of a client’s - whether it be an engagement, anniversary, or a redesign of a beloved family heirloom. Handmade and fabricated in her Los Angeles studio, IO jewelry is destined to be cherished and worn forever.

Hi! I’m Jenifer Thai, owner, and artist at IO Collective—a company that is all about using ethically-sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones and refined metals to handcraft whimsical and uniquely-designed fine jewelry. I design each piece to tell a story—be it for an engagement, anniversary, the redesign of a family heirloom or something else equally engaging—and I hope that every handcrafted piece I create shows the passion and creativity that goes into it.

My husband June and I live in Los Angeles, CA. Together we started our family with three sweet & adorable dogs - Mayhem, Toby, and Lucky. In March 2020, we welcomed our first child and daughter Colette into our lives. I’m an avid supporter of small businesses, especially women-owned. 

Let’s connect and support each other as we navigate our way through this crazy journey called life. 


There's something incredible about creating a piece of jewelry that has so much meaning behind it. I love knowing that my designs are associated with some of the greatest moments and memories in a person's life.

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