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It is best to have your jewelry cleaned professionally by our team or another jeweler. For quick and easy cleaning at home, we recommend combining dish soap and warm water, soaking your ring or other jewelry for five minutes, and gently cleaning behind stones or settings with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush. Allow drying entirely before buffing with a polishing cloth. Chemical jewelry cleaners are not advised because they can damage specific stones.

No surface finish is permanent. Daily wear leads to minor scratches on the surface of a polished ring. The accumulation of this wear will eventually make a polished ring look less glossy and more matte. Similarly, wearing a matte ring will ultimately make the finish look more polished and less matte. Over time, all finishes tend toward the middle and will eventually look more like a satin finish. If you would like to refresh the finish of your ring, contact us.

All gemstone rings, especially those with prong settings, should be checked for security annually and worn with relative care. Bumping the stone or metal might create shifting and looseness because we use our hands constantly. In addition, unlike cut diamonds, rough diamonds are not meant to be worn as jewelry. Consequently, rough diamonds should be worn with care and checked regularly to ensure that the prongs are tight and the stone is secure.

Pave and gemstones will fall out from time to time, especially on bands with diamonds all the way around. IO Collective will replace gemstones free of charge within 6 months of purchase (2mm and smaller). We will replace diamonds and gemstones after 6 months for a fee.

Gemstones are minerals with varying degrees of hardness and durability. Some of the most beautiful gems, such as opal, emerald, sunstones, jade and other colored stones, are softer. These stones should be handled with care and kept away from harsh cleaners and activities that could cause damage.

Glass enamel is more delicate than metal and can be damaged over time through impact with hard surfaces. However, enamel rings can be repaired, and our fee is based on the piece. Please contact us.

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At IO Collective, we pride ourselves on creating the best customer experience possible. Therefore, we have created these easy-to-understand sizing guides with the hope of removing any room for sizing error!

Click Here for our ring sizing guide.

Click Here for our bracelet sizing guide.

Click Here for our necklace sizing guide. 

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