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Where is your jewelry made? Who

makes your jewelry?

All of our jewelry is handcrafted in our studio

in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

To learn more, please visit Ethics.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted by our

master artisans.

To learn more, please visit Meet Our Artisans.

Do you offer Warranties?

Our jewelry comes with a one-year warranty

from the date of delivery. If there are any

issues during the first year, we will repair

them for free. You are responsible for

shipping and insuring your piece to us. If

the jewelry is outside your warranty, we are

happy to repair the piece for a fee. Our

warranty will be voided if you have your

jewelry resized, repaired, or worked on

by someone other than IO Collective.

What are some common jewelry

issues that are not considered a

manufacturing defect (and therefore

would require a client to pay for the


- Gemstones and/or diamonds that have

been damaged or lost due to carelessness,

misuse, or normal wear and tear.

- Metal bent out of shape by active lifestyle

or specific activity or accident (heavy lifting,


- Discoloration of metal. Metal/ring prongs

wear down over time due to regular use.

Do you offer consultation?

Due to COVID19, we no longer offer in-

person consultations at our office in

Downtown Los Angeles. We do, however,

offer a 30- minute complimentary virtual

consultation via Zoom.


Fill out our Custom Inquiry Form below to

book yours today!

Sizing Guide

At IO Collective, we pride ourselves on creating the best customer experience possible. Therefore, we have created these easy-to-understand sizing guides with the hope of removing any room for sizing error!

Click Here for our ring sizing guide.

Click Here for our bracelet sizing guide.

Click Here for our necklace sizing guide. 

When can I expect my jewelry to


We ask that you allow 6-8 weeks to create your jewelry once your order has been placed. Once the piece is ready, we will confirm the shipping address.

Can I return my jewelry?

All custom orders are final sales.

To learn more, please visit

Shipping & Returns Policy.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to our customers around the

world via UPS Worldwide Express.

Shipping varies depending on the

destination country and takes approxi-

mately3-10 business days. All jewelry is

fully insured during transit and is subject

to duties and taxes imposed on the

destination country. At the time of purchase,

duties and taxes are not included in the total.

The recipient is responsible for paying any 

duties or taxes imposed at the time of '

delivery. To learn more, please visit

Shipping & Returns Policy.


Thanks for submitting!

What are we making?

Your piece of jewelry is as unique as you.


By using distinct precious and semi-precious gemstones and metals, each piece is thoughtfully designed to tell your story. Whether it is an engagement, anniversary, or the redesign of a beloved family heirloom, we would love to create a masterpiece with you.

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