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Fairmined Metal

Our Fairmined metals are extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners.

Reclaimed Metal

We use recycled metals processed by refiners in the United States that share our vow to minimize environmental impacts.


To us, an ethical diamond isn’t just certified as conflict-free. We go deeper; working with a fully traceable supply chain, from mine to market.

Colored Stones

Our colored gemstones are traceable from mine to market. We work with established mines and support new efforts in responsible mining.

Pave Stones

Traceability is often deemed too difficult for small stones. We believe that every stone matters, and we were the first to bring traceable, ethical baguette diamonds to the market.

Responisble Labor

We’ve made a commitment to support healthy and happy working conditions for our entire supply chain, from miners to jewelers, and the larger communities that support them.

For every piece of jewelry, a fascinating story is untold. A tale of love, commitment, success, and sometimes even longing. For each piece of jewelry, we are reminded of our humanity and sentimentality. 


But then…


Each piece of irresponsibly created jewelry and every mindless mining of resources takes a massive toll on the environment. 

“In every carat of diamond extracted, approximately 250 tonnes of the unrefined earth are moved. Modern mining technologies have allowed for producing 50% of the available gold since the 1950s. Each gram of gold mined emits tonnes of poisonous waste, including mercury, arsenic, and cyanide, that are detrimental to the workforce and community close to the mining site."


We work with local family-owned and operated gold casters in downtown Los Angeles.


The bench jewelers we work with are hand-selected by Jenifer, and each jeweler is a specialist in their field with 30 years of experience.


Our diamond setters work with high-quality diamonds and gemstones and are reputable in their trade.


Jenifer works closely with gem dealers, mines overseas, and gem cutters to source only the best gemstones for IO's jewelry.



We, at IO Collective, envision creating jewelry of lasting pieces that we can not only cherish for a lifetime but also be proud of because of their positive impact on the environment and society. We believe in dedicating ourselves to thoughtful sourcing, fair and safe labor conditions, and giving back to the communities that we source from.


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