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Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Christmas 2020 will be a weird one, that's for sure. But I'm doing my best to keep it as festive and joyous as possible, because... It's Colette's first Christmas! In keeping with my previous blog, I'm doing my best to showcase more of my life behind my business. So, I figured I would share my gift suggestions for little ones! I've done my best to include gifts of all price ranges as well. Don't forget to make memories this holiday season!

mushie Silicone Baby Bib

Designed in Sweden, mushie bibs feature classic patterns capturing a look that's both timeless and elegant. These bibs are made from food-grade silicone, as well as BPA and phthalate-free. mushie bibs feature rounded, built-in neck fasteners for a snug and comfy fit. Plus, the deep front pocket is perfect for catching food, keeping your baby and surrounding area clean. Colette loves these because they don't get wet! Your little one will feel comfy and clean. I love the mushie bib because it's easy to clean, resists stains, and does not absorb water. All you've got to do is wash them with soap! Order yours by clicking here.

Floral Garden Baby Activity Chair

Okay, to be honest, I picked this chair out because I think it's so gorgeous. The Floral Garden Baby Activity Chair comes with a rattle, mirror, and squeaker. The removable tray is blooming with possibilities! The soft cotton seat and gorgeous floral illustrations by artist Elana Gabrielle will surely brighten your baby's day. Colette has learned so much about plants and flowers, thanks to all of the plants in our home. But now, with her own chair, I'm hoping she will gain her own little green thumb! Check out this chair on Crate & Barrel.

Cuddle + Kind Dolls

Cuddle + Kind is an incredible company whose goal is to provide one million meals a year. With a background in health, the creators recognized the crucial role nutrition plays in a child's development. As parents, they believe all children should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive! When they saw a documentary on the devastating impact of childhood hunger on millions of children around the world, it inspired them to help. On that day, the family decided to start a company whose purpose is to help improve the lives of children and to make a difference.

When you buy a cuddle + kind doll, you are providing 10 meals to a hungry child in need.

LETTON Taggies Ball

Why is it that babies love tags?! I had to get this for my little girl when I noticed she was chewing on every tag she could get her little hands on! Colette's curiosity was instantly awakened with this colorful animal Rattle Ball. It's such a great plush soft texture that engages all of her senses.

Younger babies will love rolling and shaking it to produce gentle rattle sounds which will help them to develop their auditory ability. As they get older, toddlers will learn to throw it back and forth. The LETTON Taggies Ball is even suitable for kicking with their little feet. The best part? The soft surface won't damage your walls when bumping into things!

If you have any other ideas for your baby's first Christmas, drop them below! I would love to hear what you're gifting this year.

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