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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

At IO Collective, we are proud to collaborate with well-known and influential women in the fashion and entertainment industry. We chose to work with these women because they are the best in their business, which is what we aim for ourselves in our own industry.


First up we have well-known Australian actress and fashion icon Nicole Kidman. We were lucky enough to have her wear one of our favorite pieces, the Tasha Sapphire Ring, to the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Awards, held in Los Angeles in January of 2020.

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Jeri Ryan is known for her role as Seven Of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager. She wore staff favorite the Charlie Open Ring to a fan screening of Star Trek: Picard. The screening was held in Berlin, Germany in January of 2020.


Argentine-American actress Stephanie Beatriz is best known for playing Rosa Diaz on the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She wore our Lealia Ring to an NBC Press mixer in July of 2019.

It is with the help of these strong women that we are able to showcase our work. We are so blessed to collaborate with women at the top of their game!

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