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What's In Store for 2021?

Like most women probably do, I had this perfect vision of maternity leave. It turned out to be very different from what I expected. Prior to giving birth, I thought by the time I came home from the hospital I would have help… that didn’t happen. With the world in a pandemic, both my mother and mother in law had to leave back to their home states before the ban on travel started. So, I was left with recovering from an emergency c-section along with a newborn baby! My husband helped as much as he could, but during COVID19, his work was extremely busy. While he worked 6 days a week, I had to figure out what to do with my LA office and decide on a shutdown strategy.

So, with a heavy heart, we shut down the office in the Jewelry District of LA. From the middle of March to the end of May, I was trying to figure out my business; all while learning to be a new mom. It was not easy! I didn't have postpartum depression, but I had a lot of anxiety. Let me tell you, there is so much crap that we as females that through that no one prepares us for! Our mothers don’t remember much from giving birth and maybe times are just that different now. In the end, we simply raise our babies differently.

All in all, a lot happened for me both professionally and personally in 2020. My goals and priorities have shifted. I wanted to create a brand and get on the red carpet. I wanted IO in every major retailer. I feel like I accomplished what I wanted, and now I want to return to IO Collective as more of me. I want my clients to see what I do on a daily basis. My clients care about how I design my jewelry. They want to know what gemstones I’m into. It’s important to me that I really just educate everyone on the process and design. It's more important now than ever to connect with each and every client, especially since we don’t know what the future will hold.

So, what's happening for 2021?!

Aside from growing my family, I have decided to move my studio into a private space. I will not hold any more consultations in person. Like so much, they will all be held on Zoom. With the uncertainty of the economy and COVID19, this is the best decision for my business. It’s also important to me to create space for relationship building with my clients through social media by sharing my work processes. It’s really important for me that each design is thoughtful and memorable by creating those beautiful heirloom pieces that are meant to be in families from generation to generation.

I love being an artisan and working with my hands. In 2021 I will start to show you more of that. From how I do layouts for gemstones to wax carving, you’ll see it all… Hopefully, my husband will allow me to move the jewelry casting system back into our garage (probably not with the oxygen and acetylene tanks!) Stay tuned everyone, I’m feeling really excited!


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